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Welcome (continued)

As a reporter for The New York Times, I saw firsthand how much power the drug companies have gained over the practice of medicine. For some stories I wrote, it proved impossible to find a medical expert to offer his or her opinion who was not working as a consultant to a drug company.

I also learned that many of the articles I read in scientific journals had been ghostwritten by Madison Avenue ad agencies working on a drug manufacturer’s behalf. Perhaps most surprising of all, one day at an industry convention, I listened as a pharmaceutical executive gave a speech on how he and his company had created a disease – overactive bladder – to sell a new pill. From what I discovered, it seemed almost limitless what a drug company could do by spending heavily on promotion.


When I started work on Our Daily Meds, I decided to write part of my book from a place I know well, my home state of Iowa. If something was going on in Iowa, I thought, there was a good chance it was happening just about everywhere. Still, I was shocked by what I found. I think you will be, too.